Club Foot

Club hooves are graded according to severity of hoof wall deformation. Grade 1 the least sever. Grade 4+ the most sever. The following case study involves an arabian colt weinling named “Coco”. I was contacted when Coco had progressed to a grade 2+. Characteristics of this grade are 80 deg. hoof angle with growth rings 3:1 back to front . slight flare to front of hoof. X-rays reveal a 60 deg bone angle with resulting 20 deg palmar angle. Sole depth at apex of P3 = 2mm. Coco is being scheduled for check ligament surgery following the weaning period. In the mean time, lowering the heel or attempting to stretch the DDFT ( Deep Digital Flexor Tendon ) will create even more trauma to P3 . I will apply a ” Rocker Race ” aluminum shoe as soon as possible to relax DDFT tension and GRF ( Ground Resistance Force )  at the toe. Compressed sole papillae must be relieved for sole to be produced. Sole depth is the critical issue at this point to prevent damage to P3.


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