Fools Rush In !

Spring clinics were met with a good responce, averaging 15 to 20 participants and interest in the Equine Podiatry process continues to grow. There is still much to be understood about working with the bio-mechanics that reposition load bearing, allowing circulation to return to compromised areas of the equine digit.

Equine Podiatry is more than learning a process or technique and I have realized that as a team approach to treatment of these major ailments we must first learn how to work as a team. I have found myself in conflict with farriers that I respect by failing to include the team. Podiatry is a new field for many of us that have worked for years as a ” sole propritor ” and I have realized I need to slow down and work more at being a team member.

” Fools Rush In ” and we must all be on the same page for continued progress with each one of our podiatry cases. Dr. Sammy Pittman ( Innovative Equine Podiatry ), Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dr. Ric Reddin present the second Tulsa, Oklahoma Equine Podiatry clinic October, 2012. Go to or for dates and time. You will be amazed what can be done with the ” Crushed Heel “.Image




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