Let’s Keep The Industry Alive !

Promote this declining industry. Get involved. Promote and take part in horse shows, equine related clinics and seminars, rodeo, play days, trail rides, etc. Seldom do you hear of kids brought up in this environment with major disipline issues.

Fuel cost and travel expences are a large part of the problem. Many equine events began with neighbors getting together for a horse race on Sunday afternoon. There are several of my neighbors now that get together for a small local trail ride. It doesn’t have to be a large expensive production. See what’s happening in you neighborhood. Find and create local events.New clinics and seminars often contain informartion on the most cost effective feeds, shoeing techniques, preventative disease techniques, etc. Georgetown Farm Supply will host an Equine Podiatry Clinic March 30-31. The most economical way to deal with major hoof realted diseases is prevention. Come get the information to help you be prepaired to prevent and treat these crippling diseases.   Let’s Keep The Industry Alive !



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