Heading out Tue…

Heading out Tuesday morning for Cincinnati, Ohio and the International Hoof Care Summit. This should prove to be a very interesting and informative conference as Equine Podiatry is the buzz word. There will be many new techniques discussed and everyone will have their own opinions. This is not a shoot out but an oppertunity to share ideas an witness new innovations. I am sure we all will learn a lot with empasis on bio-mechanics and shoeing to the internal structures of the hoof.


March 30 -31 begins the spring clinics at Georgetown Farm and Supply in Georgetown, Texas. This clinic will review the roker rail techniques used in de-rotation of P3 for the foundered horse and we will move on to discuss techniques used to re-establish heel for the crushed heel horse as well as discussion on navicular, club foot and other hoof related diseases and injuries. Megan Georges will ride “Quimero” in a dressage demonstration displaying the reconstructive work done on this severly foundered young Andalusion. Bones had penetrated the sole of both front feet in 2003-2004. In 2006 “Quimero” returned to the show ring to receive The 2006 Dressage Horse of the Year Award.


April 7 Callahans General Store will host its second Equine Podiatry Clinic.


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