It’s Not A New Concept !

The veterinarian and farrier team approach is nothing new. It has been a continuious struggle as long as there have been domesticated horses. Adding the people who train, ride, pay the bill,and make the real final decisions may be a missing link to the ” Team Approach “. It takes all of us working together that is allowing more and more horses to return to work from hoof related injuries/or disease.

Equine Podiatry has different meanings to different people. I still consider myself to be a farrier working in association with area veterinarians. There are legal issues that must be considered by the farrier that calls himself equine podiatrist.

The clinics I am promoting and clinics that have been asked to speak at are an oppertunity to share information on some of the new techniques in therapeutic shoeing, establish basic terms to identify internal parameters, and leave the door open to new ideas. For more information that helps make good decisions if/or when your horse has hoof related injuries /or disease, please attend one or all of the following clinics: Sept. 17 Wimberly,Texas Bel Canto Farm
Sept.24 ” The Reserve of Lakeway ”
Nov. 4 Centaur Forge New Brunsfels, Tex.


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