A Good Example of the Need for Post Shoeing X-rays

You can look back on my cases studies for  ” Quimero  ”  for details.   Quimero was a severe founder we were introduced to in 2003.  The owner, Megan Georges may have to correct my dates.  Three to four years after intense podiatry work, Quimero placed sixth in the nation in dressage.

We have kept Quimero in rocker-rail shoes to maintain correct bone alignment.   X-rays are periodically taken ( approx. once per year )  to make sure any negative changes are caught before they become a problem.

Recent x-rays were taken.   All internal perameters looked good .   I fit the shoes and was sure I had them set in the right position with correct breakover.  Post x-rays were considered but I didn’t think I needed them.  A few weeks later the vet had other work at the barn and Megan asked him to do the follow up x-rays on Quimero since he was there with his equipment. These are the follow up x-rays.  Note bone alignment between right and left.

The left shoe has been pulled, rockered more to match the right and re-set.  Arrangements are being made for another set of follow up x-rays.

Follow up x-ray of left foot after correction shown at top of page.


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