It’s Too Hot !

Heat stroke is a very real possability with triple digit temperatures. For those of us that are ” older ” farriers the risk is higher than the younger guys, but regardless of age, we are all susceptible.   Drink plenty of water and don’t work directly in the sun.   Most importantly, avoid the fights.

Avoid the fights with the animal, the owner, the vet, and your fellow farriers.   Stay cool !

Growing up with horses in the fifties, I was taught how to fight horses.   How to twitch a horse or where to pinch or gouge to get his attention.   They did not make a horse that could not be shod one way or another.   If you could not get him tied down, then beat him down.

A lot has changed in fifty years of shoeing.   Horses are much more expensive and less expendable.   I now realize there is not a horse that I have to shoe and once you learn to work with them rather than against them, many battles can be avoided.   Again, avoid the battles with not only the horse but all involved.   Use the veterinarian.   It may cost the owner a little more to have a horse tranquilized if necessary but the vet bills to treat a broken leg or an impale injury are much more costly.   The price you charge as a farrier for shoeing or trimming will not even cover the cost of admission to the emergency room.   You will never win in an all out fight as you will lose the client and/or damage your reputation.   Use your head and control your temper.   Do not let a situation escalate to the point of getting mad.   It is better to let the owner know that this isn’t going to work and leave than enter the battle zone.  Stay Cool !


One Response to “It’s Too Hot !”

  1. Well, I am glad you “older farriers” haven’t fallen out from the heat so far. Thanks to your valiant heat-endurance my 31-year-old Zephyr is a lot more comfortable.

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