Summer – Fall Equine Podiatry Clinics

EQUINE PODIATRY – Summer/Fall clinics

Equine Podiatry, the veterinarian and farrier team approach to therapeutic horse shoeing, is bringing the latest innovative techniques, and materials to Texas for the treatment of equine hoof disease and injuries. Since the first of the year, Podiatry clinics have been held from Tulsa , Oklahoma to Navasota and Magnolia, Texas.
Veterinarians and farriers are finding the advantage of working together, helping each other understand the bio-mechanics and physics used to place the diseased or injured hoof in its best healing environment.
Adding the horse owner as a part of the podiatry team allows for good communication between all involved,
 It is most important for the owner to be included so they can make decisons based on an understanding
of the work to be done and a prognosis for the outcome. The owner needs to be aware of changes in feeding,
turn out, and maintenance . All must work together for the best outcome.
Summer and fall clinics are being organized in Bastrop, Austin, Liberty Hill,and San Marcos For dates, times,
and cost, Contact Ron Marshall @: cell phone 512-826-0066


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