Client Comment

From: Mary Ann Gustafson (
Sent: Thu 1/20/11 11:27 AM
To: Ron Marshall (

Thanks, Ron. Without you, we would have lost Mismo many years ago.You saved his life and kept him comfortable and we’ll always be grateful. I’ll never forget when you first worked on him. He could hardly walk when we brought him to the Luling clinic. After you finished with him, he was pain free. You truly are a miracle worker.

Many, many thanks for being there when we needed you.


Mary Ann

>Mary Ann I am sad to hear about Mismo. I would like to think we gave
>him more years than he would have had wthout tretment. I am glad to
>hear Scott is doing you a good job with the rest of the horses. I am
>still active in the vet clinics and continue to study therapeutic
>shoing, conduct and attend all the clinics, seminars and conferences
>that I can afford. We are making advances in Equine Podiatry now
>that I wasn’t sure I would see in my life time ( Very Exciting ).
>Please keep up through my new web site:
>http// I will spread the word about the
>pergolide and let you know ASAP.
>> Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 08:21:42 -0600
>> To:
>> From:


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