Therapeutic Shoeing Techniques

Equine Podiatry is a veterinarian and farrier team approach to therapeutic horse shoeing. Once the vet and farrier have determined the cause of a lameness, the next step is to design an orthotic that redistributes the load bearing and relieves the pain, putting the hoof in a healing position. The technique and the orthotic used is up to the team.

I use several styles of shoes and make shoes according to the need. I use wooden shoes on horses that cannot stand the concusion of nailing  and may require a short time healing period. I can protect the sole of the hoof and grind or sand the mechanics required into the ground surface of the shoe. Often horse boots are a quick , temporary solution. I use heart bar shoes on some cases, rail shoes, rocker shoes, natural balance shoes and many other styles. I use steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and several other materials.

For years I have heard this shoe or that shoe crippled this horse or that horse. Shoes do not cripple horses. Horse shoers cripple horses from a lack of understanding  the design of a shoe and the biomechanics of the hoof. Most any one can nail a flat shoe on a flat hoof, but even that is not as simple as it sounds.

Equine podiatry is not about a new shoe or a new technique but combining the knowledge and experience of vet and farrier to develop an efficient plan of action for the diseased or injured horse.


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