First Annual 21st Century Equine Podiatry Clinic

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The first 21st Century Equine Podiatry Clinic was held in Norman, Oklahoma January 15 and 16, 2011. Approximately
fifty veterinarians and farriers took part in an indepth study of the physiology and biomechanics of the equine digit. Clinicians Jimbo Stewart and Dr. Sammy Pittman diagnosed and instructed shoeing of several horses brought in from Texas and Oklahoma as well as horses presented by host Gene McKown. Several horses with mild problems were shod or trimmed with a rocker motion, relieving tension on the Deep Flexor Tendon and allowing for the horse weight
bearing to be directed under the center of the hoof.

The last horse to be worked on was shod with rocker-rail shoes to relieve pressure on the right hock. This area had
been treated with injections to no avail. Significant improvement was seen following shoeing.

Jimbo Stewart and Dr. Pittman presented a basic clinic that informed but did not overwhelm attendees that were
new to this technique. More indepth clinics are planned for the future.


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