Equine Podiatry – Physiology and Biomechanics

The course objective for the Equine Podiatry Clinic at MK Cutting Horses in Norman Oklahoma this comming weekend  is, ” Creating and developing an in depth educational disclosure on biomechanics of the equine hoof that sets the standard for Veterinarians and Farriers to achieve optimum success. ”

‘” The experienced veterinarian and farrier may say all this mechanics stuff is unnecessary. An experienced rack of eye is what is needed to properly shoe a horse. However, rack of eye is often no more than guesswork . For farriery to become a truly mature profession there must be science as well as art. The working farrier has developed the art to a remarkable extent; the science, however lags behind. ” 

The art and science of the equine podiatry team is now making great strides in retuning the diseased and injured horse back to a useful life.


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