Club Foot

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Fools Rush In !

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Spring clinics were met with a good responce, averaging 15 to 20 participants and interest in the Equine Podiatry process continues to grow. There is still much to be understood about working with the bio-mechanics that reposition load bearing, allowing circulation to return to compromised areas of the equine digit.

Equine Podiatry is more than learning a process or technique and I have realized that as a team approach to treatment of these major ailments we must first learn how to work as a team. I have found myself in conflict with farriers that I respect by failing to include the team. Podiatry is a new field for many of us that have worked for years as a ” sole propritor ” and I have realized I need to slow down and work more at being a team member.

” Fools Rush In ” and we must all be on the same page for continued progress with each one of our podiatry cases. Dr. Sammy Pittman ( Innovative Equine Podiatry ), Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dr. Ric Reddin present the second Tulsa, Oklahoma Equine Podiatry clinic October, 2012. Go to or for dates and time. You will be amazed what can be done with the ” Crushed Heel “.Image



Up Date: March 30-31 Podiatry Clinic

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The March 30-31 clinic at Georgetown Farm Supply, Georgetown, Texas is shaping up very good. As of this AM, I have 12 pre-registered. Eight are farriers. As a member and educator of the newly formed AAPF (American Association of Professional Farriers) I can offer 5 CE hours per day for the clinic. Membership to the AAPF requires a min. 16 CE hours per year. Steve Turpin, owner of will be doing a clinic in Georgetown April 14-15. Chris Gregory clinician. Steve has 8 CE hours to offer. Anyone in the Equine industry is invited to be an AAPF member. Veterinarians are encouraged to become a part of the organization as we strengthen the vet/farrier relationship and the Equine Podiatry Team. The AAPF has been formed to promote continued education not just in the farrier industry but all equine professions including horse owner. Please help me spread the word. Anyone interested in membership has a great oppertunity to obtain 18 CE hours right here in the Austin area in the next two months. Go to: for more information.

The Future of Horse Shoeing, A Personal Perspective

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We have known for some time that horse shoeing was changing from the all brawn and no brain rap and tap shoer to well educated and trained farriers. Todays economy demands changes based on the most cost effective way to maintain our horses. We have shod horses for years to protect hooves from hard terrain on horses that were used hard. There are still horses that work hard and perform to the max. but there are many horses that have been turned to pasture due to the tremendous cost of transporting, feeding, vetting, farrier work, etc.

It is my opinion that the “Barefoot” philosophies that have risen in the past few years are truely about the money rather than the horse. Many horse owners have embraced the trimming methods of maintenance for horses that are not being used. I believe that we as farriers must accept the public demand and become better educated on how to maintain the barefoot horse. Hoof mass or “sole depth” is a major key to a strong hoof. “Toughening up” or asking the horse to endure painful trimming is just wrong. Study x-rays and become familar with the internal structure of the hoof. There must be a correct balance with removing too much hoof and leaving too much hoof.

Useing or working horses need shoes many times for not only protection but for performance enhancement and control of movement. Therapeutic shoeing of the diseased or injured hoof is a whole new ball game. Often many of these cases can be corrected with proper trimming and many require high tech shoeing work.

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Let’s Keep The Industry Alive !

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Promote this declining industry. Get involved. Promote and take part in horse shows, equine related clinics and seminars, rodeo, play days, trail rides, etc. Seldom do you hear of kids brought up in this environment with major disipline issues.

Fuel cost and travel expences are a large part of the problem. Many equine events began with neighbors getting together for a horse race on Sunday afternoon. There are several of my neighbors now that get together for a small local trail ride. It doesn’t have to be a large expensive production. See what’s happening in you neighborhood. Find and create local events.New clinics and seminars often contain informartion on the most cost effective feeds, shoeing techniques, preventative disease techniques, etc. Georgetown Farm Supply will host an Equine Podiatry Clinic March 30-31. The most economical way to deal with major hoof realted diseases is prevention. Come get the information to help you be prepaired to prevent and treat these crippling diseases.   Let’s Keep The Industry Alive !


Moving on With New Technology

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The recently formed AAPF (American Association of Professional Farriers) offers membership based on educational credit hours acquired at farrier clinics, seminars, conferences, etc. Unlike other associations that have focused on development of blacksmithing skills and contest, the AAPF invites all farrier, veterinarian and horse interest organizations to become part of a united organization that educates and promotes the interest of all of it’s members. 

The AAPF introduced its members to the intuit credit card system, allowing receipt of credit cards via cell phone. No annual fee. 2.7% per transaction. Marshall & Associates now accepts credit/debit cards.

Reminder: This year’s Podiatry Clinic’s will focus on review of founder shoeing techniques and move on to introducing new techniques in working with Crushed Heels, Club Foot, Flat Foot, Navicular  and other hoof related diseases and injuries.The Spring Horse Owner Informational Clinic will be at Georgetown Farm Supply Hwy.29 west of IH35. This clinic will be held March 30-31. All Veterinarians, farriers and anyone interested in the most cost effective techniques of treatment through Equine Podiatry is invited to these free clinics. Please contact me for registration forms. There is no cost for the clinics. Study guides are available at $25.00ea. Study Guides are updated for each clinic. If you have a guide from earlier clinics and would like an updated issue at no charge please contact me. Be prepared with information for making good decisions should your horse need help !

Please advance register ASAP. There is no charge for registration. Information obtained will help direct the clinic focus. You may register in the comment section of this blog. Please leave name, position in the equine industry (vet, farrier, horse owner, trainer, etc.) contact information (phone, email, etc.)

Home again ! …

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Home again !  The 2012 International Hoof Care Summit was outstanding with the formation of the new AAPF. This organization is dedicated to education and open to everyone in the Equine profession as well as horse owners or any interested party. The sessions were filled with both veterinarians and farriers, including speakers and educators from Chris Gregory and Gene Ovnicek to Hall of Fame Dr. Amy Rucker. If you missed this Summit, your living and working in the past.